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Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school was unveiled

October 17 afternoon, founded jointly by SJTUSM and school of medicine at University of Ottawa, Canada, "Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school" officially proclaimed and settle in Renji hospital affiliated. Allan Rock, president of University of Ottawa, Canada, and Jiang Sixian, the Party Secretary of SJTU jointly unveiled the nameplaque for the joint medical school. Rick Savone, Canadian consul general in Shanghai, Mona Nemer, vice President of University of Ottawa, Jacques Bradwejn, dean of University of Ottawa school of medicine as well as Sun Dalin Deputy Party Secretary of SJTU, Party Secretary of SJTUSM, Chen Guo Qiang vice President, dean of the medical school witnessed this moment together.

    By report, this project is a high level education program cooperating with North America, the only one approved by ministry of education in the field of clinical medical education in China, and the only project of Chinese-foreign operation in running schools on clinical medical undergraduate (English) approved by the ministry of education in Shanghai. Joint medical school will fully integrate the advantages in medical, scientific research and teaching of two sides. At the same time, relying on strong teaching platform, medical and scientific research advantage of renji hospital, it will introduce advanced medical teaching mode and E-Learning platform of North America, follow the forefront of international medical education, cultivating international medical talents. The joint medical school aims to exchange and promote the characteristic teaching experience of both sides, advance the research and development of medical education in both China and Canada and provide medical students with first-class international teaching platform.

    Established in 1848, University of Ottawa is the oldest and largest university bilingual (English and French) in Canada. Bilingual teaching and research on medical history, medical humanities and medical education is the feature of University of Ottawa, forming alliance or close cooperation with other famous universities in Canada, the United States, France and so on, whose scale ranks the fourth across Canada in the cooperation of education courses, firmly rankings top ten in Medical Doctoral University in Canada. The MD project medical education practice, and correspondence such as curriculum provision and the research on it, 7-year medical Dr education, qualified teachers, multiculture forming by bilingual education and cooperation or integration with first-class medical schools of the country and from the United States, both form the unique style in the field of medical education. Based on the common goals of Innovation in Medical Education, in 2013, the two sides have reached an agreement on cooperation to establish a "Medical Education Innovation Center", researching and developing reform and innovation the Medical Education system of undergraduate. On October 18, 2013, the cooperation agreement of SJTUSM and University of Ottawa school of medicine was signed in Ottawa, under the witness of Canadian governor David Johnston and mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson, promoting the research of both the law of medical education, and teaching connotation through the establishment of "joint medical school".

    Joint medical school will introduce medical teaching curriculum  system, teaching method and teacher from north American, thoroughly reform the original undergraduate medical curriculum teaching system, using advanced PSD (Physical Skill Development), SIM (Society, the Individual and Medicine), CBL (Case -based Learning), SLM (Self Learning Module), e-Portfolio and so on, such modular teaching and online course platform system of university of Ottawa school of Medicine, integrate medical ethics and humanistic spirit into each teaching module, and fully mobilize students' Learning enthusiasm and initiative, strengthen the communication and interaction between teachers and students. At the same time, it will introduce the advanced teaching evaluation system of North America, realizing a full range of medical students’ learning and teachers' teaching effect evaluation, ensuring good teaching effect and teaching environment. Chen Guo Qiang, dean of SJTUSM said, in the hope that the joint medical school as the "experimental field" of success, it can help to promote the comprehensive reform of Chinese medical education.

    According to the Related official, the joint medical school, affiliated to both SJTUSM and university of Ottawa school of medicine, will start formal admissions in 2015, including recruitment from this year's five-year clinical students from English program, meanwhile, the school plans to accept certification of Liaison Committee On Medical Education (LCME) as the overseas branch of university of Ottawa school of medicine in 2018.LCME is the authority certificated by North America medical schools, it is responsible for the regular certification of the main medical colleges in the United States, Canada and other countries. This certification standard strictly audit and assess the medical schools in the foundation of setting up, curriculum design, management of medical students teaching resources and many other aspects, only graduates from the school of medicine certificated may accept systematic training in the resident training system of North American. As long as certificated, graduates from the joint medical school will, in addition to a bachelor's degree in SJTUSM, be expected to get the MD degree of medicine at university of Ottawa, which means obtaining the qualification of being trained in resident training system of North America.