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School leadership had a discussion with 14 clinical English class of five-year program students to Ottawa trip

On September 25, professor Chen Guo Qiang, president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Hu Yu Qun, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and 14 clinical five-year students in Ottawa, 39 of the communication in English class had a symposium about studying experience exchange in Ottawa in the conference room 101 of Yi De Building. Other heads of the relevant departments, as well as a few teacher who led this visiting exchange trip to Ottawa also attended the meeting.

  Professor Chen Guo Qiang first expressed holiday wishes to the students, and take the lead to go to the university of Ottawa school of medicine study of students to ask questions. He wanted to know about the ideas of classmates after 45 days of Ottawa of communication, for medical school teaching work improvement suggestion, which is worth promoting and a good example, and if they still have a chance to go out, what specific requirements they will have, and proposed to “honest, sincere exchanges and communication. With President Chen‘s encouragement, students are active to speak up. Students said the university school of Medicine in Ottawa, a total of four courses in cell biology, biochemistry, the SIM (Society, Individual and Medicine) and the English class, the deepest impression is ”cell biology“ course. Course teacher of courseware is given priority to with pictures, text content is less, pay attention to the images reflect the concept of understanding, at the same time complementary with video and other multimedia teaching resources, abundant teaching form can fully mobilize the initiative of learning. In addition, the teacher is very pay attention to communicate with the students’ questions. In the classroom, students can raise hand to interrupt the teacher to ask questions, and get the answer. After class, the characteristic of One45 teaching system also provide feedback to the effect of classroom learning platform, the teacher can receive feedback in time, adjust teaching way.

  Ottawa ac led, basic medical and biochemical Cai Rong teacher curriculum content are proposed. The teacher at the university of Ottawa, can freely control the curriculum, students learning effect. And the last stage of the students in the exchange of learning, making the video of the final homework seriously, greatly improving the students‘ learning enthusiasm and initiative. Lead teachers, learning refers to appoint wang Zhi ooze also introduces the general students’ study life in Ottawa, One45 teaching system provides students with class preparation of resources, to improve students‘ classroom learning effects, and two professional classes teacher also positively interact with students, established a deep emotion between teachers and students.

  Professor Chen Guo Qiang put forward by the teachers and students interaction. He said, for the teaching effect of feedback should be timely and active. The students should make full use of medical course website, ask questions, feedback, help teachers improve teaching quality. For teaching methods, he thought of the university of study method of control is a top priority, to focus on the process of learning, train the ability of independent thinking. In the end, he fully affirmed the exchange of learning outcomes. 39 students in a relatively short period of time to get a full range of exercise, gradually change the original learning consciousness, gradually develop independent thinking and the ability to live independently, and forged a deep friendship between teachers and students, it is very valuable. School will also continue to Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school as an opportunity to improve school teaching level and quality of personnel training, for outstanding medical talents to make unremitting efforts!