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Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school with "white ceremony" encouraged the first group of medical students

  As a field of 985 colleges and universities clinical medicine undergraduate education in our country at present the only by the ministry of education approved with north American medical schools cooperation in running schools project, set up by shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine and the university of Ottawa school of medicine cooperation joint medical school of Shanghai - Ottawa in September for the first batch of 56 medical freshmen. October 17 morning, combined with the characteristic of North America medical colleges medical white ceremony in jiaotong university school of medicine Yi De floor on the second floor held a grand hall, President of the university of Ottawa, Allan Rock, the Canadian embassy in Shanghai consular Ryan Baerg, President of Shanghai jiao tong university, member of Chinese academy of sciences, zhang jie, Ren Ji hospital affiliated to shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, director li wei ping  equality from the china-canada cooperation both sides of the leaders and other guests all attended, to witness the moment of this extraordinary significance.

  White ceremony is a formal, open and symbolic ceremony, is currently the international on many medical colleges and universities in the new students at the professionalism education activities. Its essence is under the teachers and students witness oath solemnly swear medical professionalism, let every student can from the moment into the medical halls will remember his shoulder responsibility and mission, and always stay in the future study and work the professionalism and quality.

  At the start of the ceremony, academician zhang jie made the opening speech for new students, to encourage new students to remember shanghai jiao tong university school motto of “shown” and “bo medical source, the diligence tireless” spirit of medicine, in the future learning experience remarkable medical education show originality, listen to you of medicine to inculcate, exploring the secret in the process of life, to comprehend the true meaning of life, the interpretation of the meaning of life. Allan Rock and Ryan Baerg also gave speeches of canada-china cooperation was discussed, and the expression of medical freshmen was encouraged. Dean at the university of Ottawa school of medicine, dean of Jacques Bradwejn representing Canadian starting from the meaning of white ceremony, earnestly convey requirement for medical students: “1. Acquire knowledge; (2) Acquire skills; 3. Demonstrate professionalism in attitude and behaviors”. As an important part of the ceremony, joint medical school also invited baosteel awards winner in 2015, yan chai hospital professor Steven tso director general surgery to interpret the spirit of professional, the students read out and lead professionalism pledge.

  Then, professor Chen hong zhuan, vice President of the Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, university of Ottawa school of medicine, dean Jacques Bradwejn, Shanghai - executive director Shao Li , president of the joint medical school, university of Ottawa, Ottawa, vice President of the school of medicine, Melissa Forgie put on a white robe, one by one to 56 new students in the professional spirit promises formally signed the book. Finally, Xue Yi zheng a student on behalf of the new students spoke and took oath oath medical students.