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China-canada cooperation to discuss Shanghai - joint of Ottawa school of medicine development of a new chapter

  Golden October in Shanghai - joint of Ottawa school of medicine was set up, the first anniversary of the university of Ottawa school of medicine, dean, Ghana joint medical school dean Dr. Jacques Bredwejn and vice dean Dr. Melissa Forgie, executive vice President Dr. Paul Bragg, Dr Dean assistant Wang Yu wei from shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, such as China jiao tong university medical school dean, joint medical school professor Chen guo qiang,president of shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine, executive director of joint medical school Shao Li and xiao kui guo Mei Wen Han, associate dean, as well as the head of the various parts of the medical school received an enthusiastic reception, the two sides to discuss overall planning for the future development of joint school of medicine.

  During the visit, the two sides held many meetings, reviews the work progress of the joint medical school was founded, and joint medical school curriculum setting, teaching management, teachers training, teaching evaluation, and to form a complete set of e - learning teaching platform construction and medical school each related department launched an in-depth discussion. Ghana in our hospital in such aspects as curriculum planning and construction of teaching informationization progress given the full affirmation, and says it will continue to strengthen in the process of the follow-up cooperation in our faculty development support, including send Ottawa outstanding teachers to our training, participate in the teaching and the way of online teaching to Ottawa teachers more involved in teaching.

  Jacques Bredwejn with Chen guo qiang also on the degree granted and certification and other issues discussed in-depth feasibility. The first ready to promote mutual recognition of credits, add the medical students for the realization of the undergraduate degree in Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, clinical medicine and the university of Ottawa school of medicine, clinical medicine MD degree and preparation; In addition, in the aspect of medical education certification, Ottawa says Ghana has apply to the Canadian medical school alliance (AFMC), AFMC is currently active with Canadian medical certification committee (CACMS) to address the issue of joint medical certification mode, the university of Ottawa school of medicine will closely follow up and timely certification progress for joint medical school provide help and support. Dean is particularly worth mentioning is that the two sides agreed to strengthen the students‘ communication and integration is one of the most important, the joint medical school will begin from the first year of preclerkship, equipped with adding the two sides for the Chinese students mentor, and ready to be sent Chinese students to the university of Ottawa school of medicine, Canada students cohabit with the introduction of Unit through the fusion of student exchanges, the real highlight the significance of joint ventures.

  Through the talks, the two sides medical school are fully affirmed the joint medical school was founded a year achievements gained by the mutual cooperation, and further made clear in the joint medical school construction in the future, the challenge, both leaders agreed to on this basis, the close cooperation and promote joint medical work more enthusiasm.