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The 4th Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Faculty Development Training

From May 9th – 11th 2016, the 4th Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) Faculty Development Workshop was successfully held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM). Three distinguished professors from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine were invited to Shanghai: Dr. Robert Bell, Director of Curriculum Delivery, Dr. Timothy Wood, Associate Professor, Department of Innovation in Medical Education, and Dr. Anna Byszewski, Director of Professionalism, Undergraduate Program. To ensure the implementation and delivery of the new curriculum, since its establishment OSJSM has held several faculty development trainings. The May training is different from the previous trainings in that it is a series of workshops on different topics: CBL, Exam and e-Portfolio. The target audience is Unit Leader, Content Expert and e-Portfolio coaches, approximately 50 in total. 

The CBL workshop is given by Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell introduced the process of CBL sessions, CBL case-writing and modification, the differences between CBL and PBL. A mock CBL session was also organized to enable the trainees to experience the student-centered teaching method. The Exam Workshop is given by Dr. Timothy Wood, who gave a detailed introductions and instructions on MCQ (multiple choice question) and CDMQ (clinical decision making question). The trainees were asked to write questions on site and then analyze the questions together. The e-Portfolio workshop is given by Dr. Anna Byszewski. E-Portfolio is a special curriculum of UO’s, aimed at encouraging the students to share and reflect their experiences according to the 8 core physician competencies. The trainees did a simulation of e-Portfolio coaching and tested the OSJSM e-Portfolio tool. 

Three days’ training is short yet fruitful. Through this training, the OSJSM professors obtained a better and more comprehensive understanding of the unique educational model and exam requirements of OSJSM. And at the end of the training, each participant submitted the evaluation forms and provided their valuable feedback. In the future, OSJSM will provide more and more practical teaching resources and information for the professors.