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The First OSJSM Summer Program Kicks Off in Ottawa


The sunny Ottawa welcomed the first Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) Summer Program students on July 31th 2016, where the students will start a 7-week study program. The OSJSM Summer Program includes 4 weeks’ humanities courses (Anthropology, Psychology and English Intensive Program), MCAT, and 2 weeks’ joint introduction unit together with the freshmen of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (UO, FoM).


Throughout the first week, the students were familiarizing themselves with the “exotic” style of life and study, and fighting with jet lag. On the next day after arrival, a unique buffet orientation was organized. After a rich breakfast, 2 student mentors from UO, Faculty of Medicine gave a very detailed and comprehensive deion of the typical life of a medical student at UO. The students were very impressed with how the UO medical students balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Then two officers from UO FoM Office of Internalization made 2 presentations respectively to introduce the summer program and the tips for life in Ottawa, which was very helpful for the students to settle down quickly.


The first week’s lessons were fresh and exciting to the students. On English Intensive classes, the students were divided into 2 groups, respectively taught by Prof. Poonam Amand and Prof. Marlene Lundy. The English course is aimed at improving the students’ listening and speaking skills. Apart from that, the students also learned about note-taking skills, memorization skills of medical vocabulary and informal presentations. The anthropology and psychology courses are quite new to these science students. And let’s look forward to the chemistry between science students and humanities courses.


Although the academic load is quite heavy, the students need to prepare for the mid-term, final exam and also MCAT, the students are enjoying Ottawa quite well so far. Though the kitchen is not quite well equipped, the students are able to cook various meals like master chefs. Enjoying the fresh air and cool summer Ottawa, jogging, walking and going to the gym are a must. Moreover, in their spare time students go to different kinds of activities according to their interests, such as going to the museum, comic store, firework show, etc. Fitting into the local soon enough has been a good start for their next about 1-month study and life in Ottawa.