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First OSJSM Ottawa Summer Program Ongoing (2)

Life in Ottawa finally became the busiest in the fourth and fifth weeks, along with the final exams of Anthropology and Psychology, moving from 90U, as well as participating in the MCAT exam. Some of us, also attended the Jiao Tong University Alumni Association Potluck in Ottawa.

【8.24-8.25 Final Exams】

It is the time to harvest our achievement, while putting an end to the one-month intense study --- having the final exams of anthropology and psychology in these two days to test our effort and knowledge. Whether it was a hard or easy journey; whether it is followed with satisfactory or disappointing results, we sincerely hope everyone can embrace and remember all the valuable knowledge, and broaden our horizons, may we cheer and move on.

【8.27 The last day in 90U】

We were going to leave the 90U on August.27th. Our last night in 90U was so busy, some were packing up their luggage, others were cleaning up the fridge. We shared the ice-creams and turned our food in the fridge into the “free for everyone food” in the communal kitchen. In the next morning, I was still packing my bags, while my roommate had already prepared the breakfast. Dragging the two suitcases to the first floor, I suddenly realized that we finally should say goodbye to the downtown and go ahead to the suburb. Gently I flicked my sleeves. Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away. (Miss you, 90U. Miss you, downtown.)

【8.28-Alumni Association】

The six of us took part in the Jiao Tong University Alumni Association on August 28, which was a pleasurable encounter. The alumni consists of members from five different Jiaotong Universities and much to our delight, several alumni also have the shared background of SJTU and UO education. As students from Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine, we are proud to be engaging as a great example of coordination between the two universities.

Upon the beginning of the alumni association, Dr. Wang from the University of Ottawa introduced the founding and development of OSJSM. We believe the detailed introduction will surely help our joint school to become more well-known.

It was our first time to experience a Potluck. The traditional Chinese cuisines such as roast duck and fried dumplings that were shared at the potluck provided us with a sense of belonging even though we are far away from homeland at the moment.

【8.30 Orientation】

For the purpose of quick adaptation to the study in the new and complex campus, the University of Ottawa sent staff to make a brief orientation of the new campus. With an amicable attitude, the staff from the University of Ottawa greeted us and introduced various facilities in the campus. There are 2 hospitals in the campus, in which one of them is the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). The sophisticated ventilation system avoids any stink in the hospitals. The long opening-hours for the library provides a calm, silent and relaxing environment for the study of students. Numerous research rooms and advanced CBL rooms with LCD television installed facilitated the high-quality education in the university. Cafe and cafeteria in each hospital are excellent. We are glad with everything in the campus despite the few washrooms and elevators.

As the orientation getting to close, we visited the exhibition board introducing the characteristics and the leadership team of OSJSM. After hearing the stories of the professors in OSJSM, we end the one-hour orientation with a group photo outside the Hall.

【9.1 MCAT】

It was a long day. The MCAT exam which lasted seven and a half hours nearly exhausted us. And the exam on the computer was really a great challenge to the eyes. At 6:30 am, we were already downstairs to have the breakfast and then rushed to the examination room. Though the test sites were not totally the same, but fortunately we were in the same building. Sooner or later, we began the exam. The exam is divided into 4 parts, containing physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, sociology and other aspects, and each part lasts about one and a half hours with a brief break between 2 parts. Still, we all overcame these difficulties and finished the exam successively. In the end, wish we all get ideal results!

We’ve already finished more than a half of the journey in Ottawa, and we’ll soon start the Introduction Unit of Medicine. Wish everybody great success in new learning period!


Translator: CHEN Qian, TAN Chengxi, MUI Cheng I,
ZHANG Jingyuan, GAO Yining, HUN Meikei