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Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Community Preceptor Training

Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) introduced a North-American style medical education program to China, featured by early clinical practices. The Physician Skills Development course (PSD) that starts in Y1 exposes the students to basic history taking, physical exam and communication skill. The students will have opportunities to meet standardized patients to do mock-up history taking and physical exams. Meanwhile, the Community Preceptor Program requires the students to go into community health care centers and meet real patients under community preceptors’ supervision and apply what they learned from PSD courses to practices.


Huamu Community Health Care Center is the Renji Hospital’s community partner, and thus takes on the community teaching task of first cohort OSJSM students. The new curriculum is a big challenge for the teachers. To fulfill the curricular requirements, OSJSM plans to organize a series of training for community preceptors, and this one is the first, which mainly focuses on history taking and physical exams of different systems.


The first training was held on January 13th 2017 at Huamu Community Health Care Center. About 30 community preceptors attended the training. Four OSJSM professors were invited to deliver the training, respectively, Dr. MENG Chao, Director of CPP, Dr. LIANG Xiao, PSD Director, Dr. WAN Fang, Cardiology Specialist and Dr. HUANG Liying, Respiratory Specialist of Renji Hospital. The topics were: Introduction to CPP, History Taking, Cardiological and Respiratory Physical Exams. At the end, Dr. ZHU Meijuan, OSJSM Faculty Development Director, made a brief introduction on the students’ characteristics and future faculty development opportunities.