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The 6th Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Faculty Development Workshop

Upon the beginning of a new semester, Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) held its 6th faculty development workshop at Renji Hospital. Four distinguished professor from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (uOFoM) were invited, respectively: Dr. Jessica Dy, Head of the Division General Obstetrics at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Chuck SU, Director, Distributed Medical Education, Dr. Edward Seale, Co-Director of Community Teaching Practices, and Dr. James Chan, Co-Chair of Physician Skills Development course.

About 140 teachers participated in the workshop, including not only key OSJSM teachers from Renji, but also teachers from Ruijin, Xinhua, Tongren, Shanghai General Hospital, as well as family physician teachers from community health care centers such as Huamu, Tangqiao, Yingbo, Caojiadu, etc.

In accordance with the coming up OSJSM curriculum, the topics for the workshop are: Teaching and Evaluation at the Bedside, Teaching in the Community, Challenges with Learners and Planning and Delivering OSCE.

The UO professors have rich experience in teaching. Using different delivery methods such as group discussion, role play, etc., the classroom interaction was fantastic. Employing online equipment, the OSCE session was given remotely from Ottawa by Dr. CHAN who shared his experience in the planning and delivery of OSCE and answered the professors’ questions.

  The workshop was a great success and fruitful. The participating teachers came home with a lot of new thoughts and learnings. They got a deeper view of clinical medical education and really appreciated the UO professors’ teaching attitude.