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Kick-off of Pre-med Medical Humanities Course

This year, the pre-med curriculum of the OSJSM UGME program incorporates a new course, the Medical Humanities, taught by the Canadian teacher Dr. Tim Foggin. The aim of this 53-teaching hour of Medical Humanities is to prepare the students for the medical profession from many different aspects such as ethics, anthropology, medical history, communication, art and leadership through interactive teaching. The first session was held in a specially chosen community environment where the eastern and western culture meets.

Canada is world-leading in medical education, with a distinct emphasis on humanities. Since 1980s, Canada has been exploring to enhance professionalism through teaching humanities and made a series of reforms on medical humanities curriculum. The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (UO FoM) opened the course: Society, the Individual and Medicine (SIM), which runs through the entire medical education program. By virtue of international cooperation, the OSJSM adopted the concepts and curriculum of UO FoM. Therefore, OSJSM attaches great importance to cultivating the qualities that the modern medical profession requires and to enhancing the professionalism both in medical students and the practitioners.