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2017 OSJSM UGME Admissions Interview

Recently, after the first round OSJSM UGME Admissions Selection 20 students from the English Stream Clinical Medicine major entered the OSJSM UGME Admissions Interview. Requirements for the first round selection include: 1. GPA≥3.5 (5 pre-med courses by University of Ottawa (UO) calculation standards: Biochemistry I&II, Organic Chemistry I&II, Cell Biology and Organism Biology); 2. TOEFL ≥ 90; 3. Take CASPer Personality Test. The interview candidates not only have high marks and excellent English skills, dressed up in suits they all look quite sharp and handsome. Let’s have a look at them in suits!

This is the second year OSJSM has held the admissions interviews. Four interviewers were invited from the UO as last year, as well as OSJSM UGME Project Manager Ms. Tammy Bélanger. Two senior medical students from SJTUSM Clinical Medicine (English Stream) were invited to be the student interviewers. It is also the second time for these two graduating medical students to sit on the interview panel. The interview panel is divided into two teams. Each team includes a medical practitioner, a community member and a student. The first team is: Dr. Kendall Noel, Family Physician, Dr. Marc Ekker, Biology Professor and Ms. SUN Le (student). The second team is: Dr. Barbara Power, Geriatrician, Ms. Martine Trudeau, French-English translator and Mr. XIE Yizhao (student).

The candidates were interviewed in three days. The interviewers are looking for the humane and professionalism side of the students, including communication skills, empathy, team work, conflict resolution, resilience and critical thinking.

Those qualities and abilities are not only attached great importance by overseas medical schools, the education of morals and ethics is also gaining increasing attention in China. It is hoped that through the three days’ interviews, no matter what the result is, the students can get an insight on the importance of professionalism and humanities, and that the interviews will plant a seed of humanities on their road toward the medical profession.