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OSJSM Faculty Development - EPA

On May 27th, OSJSM held a Faculty Development Session on EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities) for the rotation directors in the clerkship stage. Five distinguished professors were invited to deliver the session. They are: Dr. Melissa Forgie, Vice Dean of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (UO FoM), Dr. Donald McKay, Associate Dean, Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Gary Tithecott, Associate Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Western University, and Dr. Ken Marshall, Director of Accreditation UGME UO FoM. OSJSM rotation directors from Renji Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Shanghai Mental Health Center attended the training.

The training is focused on the application of EPAs in clerkship study. EPA is defined as the competency of learners to perform a task or activity independently, and it’s developed from the Competency-based Medical Education (CBME). Dr. Forgie started with introducing briefly on the development course of EPAs, and then about the clerkship timetable and requirements. As one of the first medical schools in Canada to apply EPAs, Dr. McKay made a presentation of Building Curricular Change and EPA Implementation, a very detailed introduction of the importance, application and evaluation of EPAs.

The rotation directors shared their understandings of EPAs and their thoughts on applying EPAs to practice, and then discussed with the Canadian professors about their questions. The attendees benefited a lot from the training. And OSJSM will organize more such trainings to better prepare the teachers for clinical teaching.