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First OSJSM Mock Accreditation based on North American Accreditation Standards

In order to promote the Accreditation of North American Medical Education of Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM), dozens of accreditation experts from Canada participated in and guided the Mock Accreditation, including Dr. Melissa Forgie, Vice Dean of University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (UO FoM), Dr. Donald McKay, Vice Dean of Memorial University Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Ken Marshall, Director of Accreditation of UO FoM. Meanwhile, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Children's Medical Center and Shanghai Mental Health Center sent a strong team to support this Mock Accreditation, and laid a certain foundation for OSJSM.

The North American Medical Education Accreditation system has undergone hundreds of years of development, has also formed a very mature system. It’s the most stringent and the most strict medical education accreditation system in the world. It is helpful to improve and develop the accreditation of clinical medicine in our country by analyzing the accreditation standard of medical education in North America. North American Medical Education accreditation process is divided into 10 parts and the core content is to complete the DCI(Data Collection Instrument). As a joint school program, adopting the North American Medical Education accreditation can not only assess whether the program can achieve the expected quality standards, but also promote medical school to improve the quality of education.

During the process of this Mock Accreditation, experts have reviewed the various aspects of OSJSM according to the standards. It mainly includes the leadership of OSJSM, Information Technology Center, affiliated hospitals and community teaching hospital, teaching staff at all levels, especially the senior residents, Pre-clerkship director, clerkship director, Basic Medical Science and student affairs office, etc. During the Mock Accreditation, experts elaborated the process and details of the accreditation work, so that we can further understand how to better prepare for the annual accreditation.

Through the Mock Accreditation, experts have given a positive overview of the general arrangement of medical teaching at OSJSM, besides that, experts mentioned that achievements in Faculty Development and teaching resources are very satisfactory as well. The accreditation process is a long-term preparation and improvement process. This Mock Accreditation is a new learning opportunity; you can discover a lot to improve and to establish a solid foundation for future accreditation.